Paddington (Chartreux) & Phoebe (dog)
         Casey & Maddison

The Chartreux has a gentle but seldom used voice, chirping rather than meowing at things it finds interesting. They are calm, observant, intelligent, non-aggressive, affectionate and good with children and other animals. The Chartreux are playful well into maturity, which is reached at between two and three years. They tend to bond with one person in their household, preferring to be in their general vicinity, though they are still loving and affectionate towards the other members of the household.

Despite its rather teddy-bear look, given by its soft and woolly coat, the Chartreux are not fluffy toys; they are lively, sturdy and agile cats whose ancestors had to struggle to survive and they still bear reminders of that determined behaviour. They play in short spurts, sleeping and relaxing the rest of the time. They are creatures of habit and enjoy the same games and rituals day after day. They are also known for being particularly intelligent, which has probably enabled them to get quickly used to modern indoor life and to become perfect pets loved by the whole family. They prefer to be nearby, preferably getting their cheeks scratched and giving loving head-bumps to their owners.

Their supportive, cheerful presence can be wonderful for elderly people and people living alone, yet this devotion is never obtrusive. They do not demand attention and are content to sit quietly when you are busy. They accommodate themselves to most situations without complaint and do not mind being left alone for long periods.