All cats born in 2022 names should start with the letter ‘T’… In common with many French registration policies for cats, there is a rather intriguing way of naming the Chartreux – a different letter is designated each year and all cats’ names begin with that letter. The letters rotate through the alphabet each year: A-I, J+K, L-O, P+Q, R-U, V+W+X+Y+Z (some letters are coupled together.) Each letter therefore appears on a 20-year cycle, and in 2022 the names of Chartreux cats begin with the letter T, we have also adopted this system for kittens born in the UK, and therefore ask all my new owners to choose their own kittens name beginning with that letter.

Maddison was born in 2016 thus her name starts with letter ‘M’ … Novaย  with the letter ‘N’ for 2017… Pixel with the letter P for 2019.