Kittens Available

Simon and I have taken the extremely hard decision to close our kitten waiting list until further notice. Please understand we haven’t taken this decision lightly, but as our list is now incredibly long. We only breed 2 litters a year and this all depends on if the cat gets pregnant (Nova didn’t this year) and how many kittens are born. Unfortunately, we just simply cannot keep up with demand, and being ethical breeders, we wouldn’t just keep having litters after litter. We don’t want people to be upset if they must wait an exceptionally long time, therefore we have no other option, but to close our list.  Thank you all for your continued support so far on our journey x August 2020

As we try to be as transparent as possible, this has made us very popular as a breeder. If you are truly interested in owing one of these beautiful cats, your best option is to be put on a breeder’s waiting list.

You must be patient as kittens aren’t just available when you ask, if they were, I wouldn’t and shouldn’t be the kind of breeder you would want to deal with!

There are only four full-time UK breeders at present (we are one of them) ….something so beautiful is worth waiting for.

We are hoping to have 2 litters in 2020 again – one from Nova & one from Maddison.

If you would like to reserve a Chartreux kitten from our next available litter please send us an email




Nova 1st litter – 6 kittens August 2019
Maddison third litter – 4 kittens – July 2019