We are delighted if you have chosen the Chartreux breed as your future pet – you won’t regret it!

In order to establish whether this breed is suitable for you, we will first ask you a few questions after your initial email enquiry.

We are keen to ensure that our kittens go to the right home, which is why we ask these questions and hope you understand how important the welfare of our kittens is.

We do insist that you visit us at least once after their first injections at approximately 10 weeks and prior to taking your kitten home – we will not allow a kitten to be taken home without this visit at 13 weeks – Visiting is by prior arrangement only.

Registered kittens will not be released until the 13th week, this is to ensure that the kitten has received its full course of vaccinations and a veterinary health check.

Please visit our Buying a kitten from us page for full details

Buying a kitten from us

Please check the Buying a kitten from us under the Nursery Tab or click on the link above – for kittens’ availability