GCCF Breeder Scheme

MasterPlan Cats as a breeder, have been accepted into the responsible breeders scheme. To find out more information about what they do, please click the logo to be taken to the GCCF website.

The Scheme was created to provide a trustworthy environment for new owners to find a kitten that suits them. Breeders Scheme Members want to be supportive to the new owners of their kitten, providing help and advice about how best to care for their new addition to the family.
The aim of the GCCF Breeder Scheme is to create a safe avenue for kittens (and cats) to be bought and sold. New owners want to know that the kitten they are buying is registered, has been properly cared for, and they will have a person to go to for advice.
The GCCF hope that by providing this service and becoming the โ€œfirst stopโ€ for kitten selection, backstreet breeders of unregistered and uncared for kittens will be driven out.

And new owners can give feedback