“Didn’t she do well!”

On Saturday we travelled down to Reading to enter the Croydon Cat Club & Southern Counties Cat Club Shows. This was to obtain show points/merits for the Chartreux to become recognised by the GCCF so we can apply for Championship Status.

Each cat needs 4 merits to qualify – only 2 can be gained as a kitten (up to 9 months) and all 4 merits must be from different judges.

We had a lovely time and Nova was as good as gold :)… this is what we came away with:

  • 2 x Merits in the Chartreux Assessment Kitten classes (we are given a hand-written Judge’s Assessment, but it was like trying to read a doctors prescription! They do get written up and placed on the GCCF website, so I will publish later)
  • 2 x Best of Breeds

Open Classes:

  • 1st place  – A.C British Kitten Bred by Exhibitor
  • 1st place  – A.C British Limit Kitten
  • 1st place  – A.C British Novice Kitten
  • 4th place – A.C British Visitors Kitten

Croydon & Southern Counties Cat Shows Feb 2018

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