Day 6 – Sexing the kittens

Sexing Kittens

Newborn and tiny kittens are so immature that it’s nearly impossible to tell their sex. Once they’re six or eight weeks old, however, their genitalia becomes more visually obvious.  

  • Female cats: When looking at a female cat’s genital area, the space just under her tail, it will look like an upside down exclamation point (!) with the long slit of the vaginal area below the anus. The anus and vagina are typically only about half an inch apart. In kittens, the anus and vagina may both look like dots, and they may be even closer together.
  • Male cats: The male cat has a larger separation between the anus and the penis, with the testicles in the middle. Both of these openings look more like dots, circles, or a colon (:) than like slits or lines.

So (as always with the help of Gwen and FaceTime kittens bums!) we think we have 3 girls & 3 boys…although this is not set in stone!

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