Day 12 … Kitten Burglar ?

This is so funny I just had to share!…huge thank you to Anna for letting me x

Anna & Robert bought Nixie and Naps from Maddison’s first litter last year. We have stayed close friends, visiting them at home and spending a day out  in London recently.

Miss L is their 6 year old daughter….

So my conversation with Miss L in the car on the way back from camp this evening.

Anna: “Do you remember Maddison?”

Miss L: “Of course, she is a pussycat and she is with Helene and Simon.”

Anna: “Yes, that’s right, well remembered.  Well, I have some exciting news for you... Maddison has had four baby kittens! “

Miss L: “Wow wee!  Can we go and get one?”

Anna: “Uuummm, I would love to, but unfortunately we can’t.  We have Mimi, Nixie and Naps.“

Miss L: “I know that, but we could always have another!“

Anna: “Well, Helene and Simon have other families that the kittens will go to.  I’m sorry, we aren’t allowed one.“

Miss L: “Why don’t we just going take one?“

Anna: “You can’t just going take one. And anyway, what would Helene and Simon say?“

Miss L: “Helene and Simon wouldn’t know.  We could go in disguise… I would cut all my hair off and use my hair as a moustache.”

Anns: “They are not yours to take and it would take a long time to grow your hair back...”

Miss L: “It would be worth it!”

Not sure where I could have gone with that one!!

Simon and I are now on the look out for a 3 and a half foot tall person, with badly cut blonde hair and a matching moustache!

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