Day 71 – Decisions Day 1

Our first lovely family came to visit the kittens today.

We meet the family back in May at the National Pet Show at the Excel in London where we were exhibiting the Chartreux as a breed and they feel in love with the Chartreux (not hard!) ย They had already made the decision before the birthย that they would like to have two kittens, a boy and a girl. Luckily Maddison had one gorgeous boy (‘Napoleon’ Solo) and I’m not ashamed to say we have totally fell in love with him too!

But today they had the exceptionally hard decision to choose their girl kitten.

We are extremely happy to announce that they have choosen the girl with the ‘eyes’ collar – Napoleon and her get on so well ??


Day 25 – Trouble Maker!

Needs sound and watch to the end!

Day 24 – South Paw Girl! ?

Just like human babies, all kittens are born with blue eyes. This is for the same reason as in humans โˆ’ because the brown pigment melanin has not yet been deposited in the irises of the eye, or darkened by exposure to ultraviolet light. When it comes to other kitten facts about the body, it is a very different story. While kittens have similar eyes, their little noses are the equivalent of a human fingerprint, and no two noses are ever quite the same. Kittens also have a stronger and more dominant paw, just like we have a stronger hand. Interestingly, though, in kittens the difference is often gendered, and female kittens are usually right-pawed while their male siblings tend to be left-pawed.

Day 2 – sexing the kitten saga!

So after a lot of deliberation ….and to be honest we are still unsure as it’s so hard to sex kittens!…. We think we have either 3 girls/2 boys or 4 girls/1 boy. We are going to Facetime Gwen our wing lady tomorrow again and try to see if she can tell us (We tried last night with a feeble ceiling light, light off a mobile and two novice kitten holders… wasn’t a good mix) Mummy Maddison and fur babies are doing well ?


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