Week 2 – Day 8 – Growing 🍄🍄

I swear the kittens are like mushrooms!…growing over night!!

One week in (where did that go!) and we also have a couple of eyes opening.

Weights today:

  • 258g
  • 249g
  • 249g
  • 236g
  • 255g
  • 211g

??Happy 1st Birthday ???

Wow where did that year go!

? Today is Madison’s first litter’s birthday ?

Maddison’s first litter October 2017 – 1 month

We have been truly blessed with the owners from the first litter and I want to say to HUGE thank you to all of you for keeping us up-to-date with the kittens progress.

Handsome Naps and Gorgeous Nixie’s forever home was with Anna & Robert. We had the privilege to be invited to their home for dinner and had a brilliant day out in London with them last month.

Stunning Nala went home with lovely Ellie. Ellie What’s App me at least once a week , usually with funny photos and stories that often making me laugh out loud! … it’s only a matter of time and you will have another Chartreux !?

Beautiful Nila’s home was with Lorna & Simon who are having the only girl kitten of us this year too!…Chartreux can become addictive!

And last but not least, Captivating Nova stayed with us, we are totally smitten!

And here they all are, one year on….

?Happy 6th Month Birthday ? Nila ?

?Happy 6th Month Birthday Nila?

It was a tough decision for us when the lovely Ogden family turned up – We was both in a dilemma whether to chose ‘Butterfly’ aka Nila or ‘Purple’ aka now Nova, but in the end everyone was happy ☺

Nila loves to play…

and she could be a super model with her lovely long legs!


..and if she not helping with paperwork, climbing the Christmas (yes another one!), chilling with the girls or running when the printer is turned-on, she will be playing with her favourite toy ‘Mr Birdie’

Thank you so much Lorna, Simon & girls for sharing Nila’s world so far….and we look forward to seeing you in November when you collect your new kitten ❤??

?Happy 6th Month Birthday ? Nala ?

?Happy 6th Month Birthday Nala?


Eleanor put all her trust into us to be put last on the list for a kitten. Eli knew she would have the last remaining kitten and would not have any choice….is she happy?….I definitely think so!

Nala is an absolutely gorgeous looking Chartreux and we always knew she was extremely intelligent from the start.


I love receiving What’s Apps from Eli!…they do make be laugh…from TV watching, to playing fetch, helping mum with work, Christmas Tree climbing and bubble wrap capes…never a dull moment!

Squawking at Pigeons….I think all Chartreux do this, make a chattering noise at the window at birds!

And she is so lovely….xx

Thank you for sharing your beautiful world….Here’s to the next six months Eli, and maybe a brother/sister for Nala?!!??