Care and Health

Because of the dense, slightly woolly coat, it should be combed and not brushed. Comb it regularly as indoor cats shed throughout the year due to the artificial light in the house and the more constant temperature. This helps remove dead hair and keeps the coat looking healthy. Also, trim the claws regularly.

The Chartreux is regarded as a “low-maintenance” breed. It is an indoor cat, but it does like to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice. When outdoors, its movements must be restricted, it must not be allowed to roam freely. The normal ways of achieving this is either with a purpose built enclosure or, if the garden is fenced in, by adding cat fencing or a radio containment system. They also enjoy being taken out on a lead and even for walks.

The Chartreux is considered to be one of the healthiest of all pure breed cats with little to no genetic problems.