Buying a kitten from us

Simon and I have taken the extremely hard decision to close our kitten waiting list until further notice. Please understand we haven’t taken this decision lightly, but as our list is now incredibly long. We only breed 2 litters a year and this all depends on if the cat gets pregnant (Nova didn’t this year) and how many kittens are born. Unfortunately, we just simply cannot keep up with demand, and being ethical breeders, we wouldn’t just keep having litters after litter. We don’t want people to be upset if they must wait an exceptionally long time, therefore we have no other option, but to close our list ☹. Thank you all for your continued support so far on our journey x August 2020

We are delighted if you have chosen the Chartreux breed as your future pet – you won’t regret it!

In order to establish whether this breed is suitable for you, we will first ask you a few questions after your initial email enquiry.

We are keen to ensure that our kittens go to the right home, which is why we ask these questions and hope you understand how important the welfare of our kittens is. You must be patient as kittens aren’t just available when you ask, if they were, I wouldn’t and shouldn’t be the kind of breeder you would want to deal with!

We do insist that you visit us at least once after their first injections at approximately 10 weeks and prior to taking your kitten home – we will not allow a kitten to be taken home without this visit at 13 weeks – Visiting is by prior arrangement only.

Registered kittens will not be released until the 13th week, this is to ensure that the kitten has received its full course of vaccinations and a veterinary health check.

Please state your preferred sex of your kitten (or if you have no preference) and we will then be happy to place you on the waiting list for a kitten, BUT I must stress that this is all down to Mother Nature, when the cats calls (this usually depends on daylight hours in the day), the number of kittens born, sex of kittens and where you are on the list. This will also apply to the kitten allocated to you, please bear in mind, depending on where you are on the list you may not be able to choose a kittens at the time i.e. if there are 3 girls and you are third on the list you will receive the last girl kitten, but all the kittens are lovely and i would never sell a kitten that wasn’t 100% perfect or notify you of any problems.

The cost per kitten at this present time is £1200 (due to vet fee increases & the general cost of living rises, this will be reviewed annually) with a £300 cash or bank transfer non-refundable deposit paid at the first visit – until this deposit payment is paid, the kitten will not be allocated to you.

We hold the right to refuse sale if not totally happy at any point (if this is the case, the deposit will be refunded)


When you collect your Chartreux kitten at 13 weeks from us, you will receive:


  • VACCINATION CARD from vet – 2 X VACCINATIONS – 9 & 12 weeks
  • MICRO-CHIPPED – Microchip Paperwork
  • KITTEN SALES & NEUTERING CONTRACT – to be completed and signed by both parties (Seller & Purchaser both to have a copy)
  • PEDIGREE CERTIFICATE – 5 Generations
    • Blanket (with mother’s scent on)
    • 1 x Kitten 400g dry food
    • 3 x Kitten 85g wet pouches
    • Kitten bowl
    • Kitten blanket
    • Kitten catnip ball
    • Kitten tunnel
  • KITTEN CHECKLIST – to help you complete after sales documentation
  • AFTER SALES ADVICE – via phone, text, email or What’s App

** Please note: The kitten will NOT be neutered and will be purchased as a non-active (non-breeder) which will be register with the GCCF.  You will be required to complete a contract to agree that you will have the kitten neutered within 12 months and provide proof of the spay/neuter within this period.

The full remaining balance will need to be paid via bank transfer and cleared before the collection day, otherwise you will not be able to collect the kitten.

After you collect your kitten, we do hope you keep in touch and let us know how the kittens is doing – we would love to see photographs that we can add to the website. We also welcome any questions or queries you may have regarding your kitten.

Please check the Nursery/Kittens available Tab – for kittens’ availability