Appearance and Colours

The Chartreux has a medium-short coat and a large robust well-proportioned muscular body. It is renowned since antiquity for its hunting prowess and its dense greyish-blue slightly woolly coat. They are extremely supple and agile cats and the qualities of strength, unrivalled intelligence and adaptability, enabled them to survive in the wild for centuries. The head is the shape of a trapezium, wider at the base and narrower at the top, and broad with rounded contours. The cheeks are full and adult males have well developed jowls. The profile has a gently concave curve at eye level with a high forehead and a flat plane between the ears. The nose is straight, wide and moderately long. The muzzle is narrow in relation to the overall width of the head, not long nor pointed, with full whisker pads and a firm chin, giving a sweet, smiling expression. The ears are broad at the base, slightly rounded and medium size set high on the head. The body is semi-cobby, sturdy with broad shoulders and a deep chest, medium length with a strong bone structure and dense powerful musculature. The neck is short, thick and muscular. Females are significantly smaller, but still robust and well-muscled. The coat is medium-short, dense, slightly woolly and open in texture with abundant undercoat, looking almost water repellent All uniform shades of greyish blue are acceptable; slate grey nose leather, blue lips and rose-taupe pads.

The eyes are one of its most endearing features. They are large, open and expressive with the outer corner curving slightly upward, set moderately wide apart with the colour varying from yellow to copper.


Maddison & Nova