About MasterPlan Cats

After our beloved cat Bliss passed away after 18 years, we decided a year after losing her that we really wanted another cat in our lives as we missed the head-bumps!

We kind of stumbled across the Chartreux as a breed and decided this was the cat we wanted.

After a lot of searching, as it wasn’t easy at the time to find anyone in the UK, we was finally directed to a gentleman called *Goran. Goran helped us e
normously on our journey to source a kitten from France.

We collected our first Chatreux, Maddison from Nesle in Northern France early in May 2016. We travelled to France via the Euro Tunnel and brought Maddison and her brother, Macan, back with us.

Both kittens travelled well, and all was going smoothly until we reached the French border control.  To our horror, we discovered that the French vet hadn’t stamped Macan’s cat passport and we had a real panic on our hands as it was a Bank Holiday in France.  Thankfully, we were able to find another vet close to Calais who was willing to authenticate the documents we needed, for a few euros of course!!…. and were then able to continue our journey.

Once we returned to the UK, Macan went to live with his new family **Gwen & Paul Phillips.

And it was Maddison’s easy-going demeanor that persuaded us to follow our hearts and ambition to breed these beautiful cats.

We aim to breed healthy, happy well-adjusted cats who are a pleasure to own.  All kittens are born and raised in the home lavished with love and affection, fully vaccinated including leukaemia, ready for their new homes at thirteen weeks as the GCCF guidelines.

*We would like to acknowledge Goran Nilsson on our website as without his help and dedication to The Chartreux breed, they would be no Chartreux Cat Club UK and the breed would still be unrecognised in the UK today.

** Gwen & Paul have helped us tremendously on our journey of breeding Maddison, with supplying us with the handsome Prince for stud, to the endless questions we have!

Many thanks to you both x

First and foremost, our cats are our pets and their health and well-being are our main priority. Our Chartreux are house cats and spend all their time within the family home which means they are very well socialised and accustomed to everyday household noises and everyday life.