Day 4 – Leaps & Bounds

Second weight in today and the kittens are thriving (see video below)…Maddison is such a good mummy 😻

Weights today:


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Nova hits the big time! 📸

MASTERPLAN NOVA STAR BURST has appeared in GCCF’s May Newsletter

Day 2 – First Weights

Maddison and the kittens are settling nicely.

First weights today:


Day 1 – First Time

We are extremely pleased to announce that Maddison gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens this afternoon. Both mother and kittens are doing well 😻😻😻😻😻😻…. and i can get a good night’s sleep at last!

Video with sound. Best viewed on a mobile.

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A Kitten’s Perspective

Now Maddison is near the end of her pregnancy, she has too constantly lay down as she is extremely tired (heat isn’t helping ether) She usually only moves for food, water, toilet or a fuss! and when this happens I get a chance to see the kittens moving …. scroll down to see video

Cat Pregnancy Week by Week, The Kitten’s Perspective

Week 1: Five days after ovulation, eggs enter the womb and space themselves evenly along the uterine horns. Those eggs that get ‘crowded out’ die off at this stage. 

Week 2: The fertilized egg implants in the womb lining on day 12. 

Week 3: Each kitten has their own placenta.  On an ultrasound scan, the movement of each kitten’s heart can be seen. 

Week 4: The kittens ‘movements in the womb can be seen on an ultrasound scan. This is also the best week for the vet to confirm pregnancy by feeling for kittens in the womb. 

Week 5: The kittens now take up a lot of space and the mother’s belly starts to look swollen. 

Week 6: This is a period of rapid growth when the kittens are fully formed and continue to grow and mature. 

Week 7: Entering the final third of pregnancy, the growing kittens drain a lot of energy from the mother. 

Week 8: Hormones released by the kittens in the womb, stimulate enlargement of the mother’s mammary glands. This prepares her to start producing milk once the kittens are born. 

Week 9: Birth is imminent! Watch for a tell-tale drop in her normal body temperature, which signals impending labor. 

Cat Pregnancy Stages | PetPace

Has sound – kittens kicking

Not long to go 💕

Maddison is getting bigger by the minute!

💕 Due any day now 💕



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Best viewed on a mobile 📱

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