*WEEK 5 Day 35 – Clever babies!

Firstly…..Maddison’s kittens when for their first injections this evening and they was brilliant. Not a peep out of them in the car (most Chartreux are very good travellers) and exceptionally good in the vets too.

Secondly…unbelievably, yesterday I started weaning Nova’s 6 kittens weaning. This morning I put the 6 bowls down and all 6 kittens went straight to the bowls on their own independently!! (See video)… normally this takes at least 4 or 5 days and starts with them eating off my fingers, and then offering up to the dish. But this 6 have managed it all on their own…so proud if them ?

*WEEK 5 Day 32 – One Month Old

Although it seems a lot longer!….. Nova’s kittens are one month old today (born on the 24th August)

They are turning into absolutely beautiful fur babies ?

Needs sound and best viewed on a mobile device

WEEK 6 – Day 42 Hungry like the wolves ????

I would like to apologise for not posting much lately, but we hope you understand as we have an extremely tough time with Nova & her 6 kittens. It has been a very stressful but fingers crossed ? we have hopefully turned a corner.

Maddison’s beautiful four are thriving! All weaned and a couple are also litter trained. They are happy, healthy and playful! ….hungry little wolves!