WEEK 1 Day 5 – Sex of kittens & Weigh time

We are please to announce (with the help of Gwen, as always x) we have 2 girls & 2 boys.

The kittens are coming on extremely well. We first weighed them 2 days ago on the 25th July: 165g, 165g, 173g, 176g.

Today’s weight: 203g, 208g, 217g & 220g!

WEEK 1 Day 2 – Today is a new day ?

We just want to thank everyone for all their supportive and kind comments, either privately or through Social Media.

You are all correct, today is about being positive. We have 4 beautiful kittens and a wonderful mum Maddison who is healthy and they are all coping extremely well considering the heat!

Big Sister Nova, who loves being outside in the garden when I am home, has even come inside to seek the solace of a cooler house! Surprise that cat hadn’t gone rusty by now !!- Chartreux fur can turn gingery in colour if out in the sun to much!

Big Sister Nova

โš˜We have decided to build a memorial garden for our gone, but not forgotten, fur baby ?

It is with great happiness and deepest sorrow?

Maddison give birth to 5 kittens last night through the thunder and lightening storm.

It breaks my heart to announce that one kitten was stillborn and we are truly broken hearted ? although this is quite common in cats, it doesn’t make it any easier for us.

โค RIP little grey fur baby โค

The remaining 4 kittens and mum are doing well considering the extreme heat we are having. We have made the decision to move them downstairs into the living room as it much cooler than upstairs in the house.

We will weigh & sex the kittens in the next couple of days.