?Happy 6th Month Birthday ? Nila ?

?Happy 6th Month Birthday Nila?

It was a tough decision for us when the lovely Ogden family turned up – We was both in a dilemma whether to chose ‘Butterfly’ aka Nila or ‘Purple’ aka now Nova, but in the end everyone was happy ☺

Nila loves to play…

and she could be a super model with her lovely long legs!


..and if she not helping with paperwork, climbing the Christmas (yes another one!), chilling with the girls or running when the printer is turned-on, she will be playing with her favourite toy ‘Mr Birdie’

Thank you so much Lorna, Simon & girls for sharing Nila’s world so far….and we look forward to seeing you in November when you collect your new kitten ❤??

?Happy 6th Month Birthday ? Nala ?

?Happy 6th Month Birthday Nala?


Eleanor put all her trust into us to be put last on the list for a kitten. Eli knew she would have the last remaining kitten and would not have any choice….is she happy?….I definitely think so!

Nala is an absolutely gorgeous looking Chartreux and we always knew she was extremely intelligent from the start.


I love receiving What’s Apps from Eli!…they do make be laugh…from TV watching, to playing fetch, helping mum with work, Christmas Tree climbing and bubble wrap capes…never a dull moment!

Squawking at Pigeons….I think all Chartreux do this, make a chattering noise at the window at birds!

And she is so lovely….xx

Thank you for sharing your beautiful world….Here’s to the next six months Eli, and maybe a brother/sister for Nala?!!??

?Happy 6th Month Birthday ? Naps & Nixie ?

? Happy 6th Month Birthday Naps & Nixie ?

Anna, Robert & L .. ..Thank you so much ❤ We are so lucky you all decided to attend the National Pet Show that day, last May 2017…..fate! You truly are lovely friends and we look forward to spending more time with you ?

We are so pleased Naps and Nixie have slotted into your family life, and Mimi, your beautiful Egyptian Mau, has two new friends.

Nixie and Mimi often curl up together in a fleecy blanke at the bottom of out airing cupboard, they love the warmth ?

Nixie Mimi Naps

We have constant up-dates and funny stories… I particularly like the Christmas tree climbing…yes you can see the Naps on the floor, but look half way up under the white bauble…..Oh yes it’s Nixie!!

Naps and Nixie also love water…

They are growing into two beautiful Chartreux??

Naps & Nixie
Naps & Nixie

Naps has taken to rolling over onto his back for a tummy rub every time you walk towards him. It’s really funny – he just collapses in front of your feet. They have also taught themselves how to open very heavy wooden wardrobe doors. So clever (albeit a little tiring at 4am most days!).

Thank you for sharing their beautiful world x

??Six Months Old!!? ??

On the 25th February, Maddison’s first litter of kittens will unbelievably be 6 months old!…where did that time go?

I want to say a big, huge, gigantic thank you to all the new owners. They have all been utterly brilliant with constant up-dates of photos and videos. We have truly been blessed with totally caring and extremely loving new parents…. we couldn’t have asked for better xx ❤ thank you all ❤ xx

And once again they have all stepped up to the plate as I have asked them all to send through photos and videos of the kittens at 6 months old. Over the next 4 nights I will be I individually showing the kittens – Nixie & Naps, Nala, Nila and Nova progress and how they have grown over their first 6 months of life.

But first some photos of when they were tiny ?????


“Didn’t she do well!”

On Saturday we travelled down to Reading to enter the Croydon Cat Club & Southern Counties Cat Club Shows. This was to obtain show points/merits for the Chartreux to become recognised by the GCCF so we can apply for Championship Status.

Each cat needs 4 merits to qualify – only 2 can be gained as a kitten (up to 9 months) and all 4 merits must be from different judges.

We had a lovely time and Nova was as good as gold :)… this is what we came away with:

  • 2 x Merits in the Chartreux Assessment Kitten classes (we are given a hand-written Judge’s Assessment, but it was like trying to read a doctors prescription! They do get written up and placed on the GCCF website, so I will publish later)
  • 2 x Best of Breeds

Open Classes:

  • 1st place  – A.C British Kitten Bred by Exhibitor
  • 1st place  – A.C British Limit Kitten
  • 1st place  – A.C British Novice Kitten
  • 4th place – A.C British Visitors Kitten

Croydon & Southern Counties Cat Shows Feb 2018