Day 97 – Settling in Nicely

First and foremost please just let me say we have been absolutely blessed with the kittens new owners. Breeding cats for us is not just about producing new kittens,  it’s inevitably making sure they go to the right homes and most importantly, the right people and we definitely couldn’t have even dreamt or ask for nicer families. I receive regular daily updates with reassuring photos/videos and kind words and occasionally I can give advice to them too! Ok sloppy part over and cute happy kittens videos to follow…

Naps & Nixie….you will need sound and don’ miss the synchronised yawning…happy fur babies x

Nala…washing mum!…happy fur baby number two



Day 93 – Second Forever Home

Today lovely Eleanor came to collect pretty Nala to go to her new forever home. This time Simon’s heart strings were pulled. Simon is usually first up in the morning and always got a morning cuddle with Nala, we will miss her dearly but we know she will receive hundreds… no thousands of cuddles from Eli ❤

….again seems to have made herself at home already!

Day 92 – First Forever Home

Today was tough and sad but I couldn’t ask for a nicer family. It wasn’t a secret that Napoleon was a favourite of mine,  but I know Naps and Nixie will be very very happy and so loved by their new family. I want to thank Anna, Robert and Luna for believing in us to produce two beautiful kittens for them to join their loving family even before they were conceived! Xxx

….Looks like Naps has already made himself at home!

Day 89 – Vets Part 2

Second trip to the vets tonight for second vaccination and microchipping.




The main benefit of having a microchip is pretty straight forward — when paired with the right contact information and a microchip, you can be reunited with your cat if she should get lost. And since most microchip companies serve as an intermediary during the reuniting process, your home address and phone number is more secure than if it was placed on a regular ID tag. (Note: If preferable, microchip companies also give you the option of allowing the finder of your lost cat to call you directly.) You can also update your contact information with the microchip company as frequently as you’d like by simply making a phone call or sending an e-mail. In fact, it is recommended that change your contact information every time you change your phone number or address.

Most of us don’t want to think of the worst case scenario until it happens. Often we can’t fathom the idea of our cats escaping (even indoor cats!), but there are plenty of reasons it occurs. Whether your cat runs away from the cat sitter, escapes during a party, or bolts after hearing a slew of fireworks, having your cat microchipped can be a lifesaver.