Day 6 – Vets!

Stressful day! Maddison has a nasty sore apear on the base of her tail. She seemed fine in herself but we was concerned. We spoke to Gwen, the fountain of knowledge, and thought it was best to take mum to the vets to get it checked.  Rushed to Argos to get a heat pad for kittens as mum was going to be absent – thank you Valerie. Left work early – thanks to all my work colleagues for putting with my stressing!

I stayed with the kittens and Simon took a stressed Maddison  in the cat box the vets.  Think I had the easy option as the kittens only cried for a couple of minutes then all went to sleep!

Vet said he thinks Maddison is been over zealous with cleaning herself as it’s her first litter. If it gets worst by the weekend to bring her back and he will give her some antibiotics.

She is back feeding the ‘five’..

Day 2 – sexing the kitten saga!

So after a lot of deliberation ….and to be honest we are still unsure as it’s so hard to sex kittens!…. We think we have either 3 girls/2 boys or 4 girls/1 boy. We are going to Facetime Gwen our wing lady tomorrow again and try to see if she can tell us (We tried last night with a feeble ceiling light, light off a mobile and two novice kitten holders… wasn’t a good mix) Mummy Maddison and fur babies are doing well ?