??Six Months Old!!? ??

On the 25th February, Maddison’s first litter of kittens will unbelievably be 6 months old!…where did that time go?

I want to say a big, huge, gigantic thank you to all the new owners. They have all been utterly brilliant with constant up-dates of photos and videos. We have truly been blessed with totally caring and extremely loving new parents…. we couldn’t have asked for better xx ❤ thank you all ❤ xx

And once again they have all stepped up to the plate as I have asked them all to send through photos and videos of the kittens at 6 months old. Over the next 4 nights I will be I individually showing the kittens – Nixie & Naps, Nala, Nila and Nova progress and how they have grown over their first 6 months of life.

But first some photos of when they were tiny ?????


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