?Happy 6th Month Birthday ? Nala ?

?Happy 6th Month Birthday Nala?


Eleanor put all her trust into us to be put last on the list for a kitten. Eli knew she would have the last remaining kitten and would not have any choice….is she happy?….I definitely think so!

Nala is an absolutely gorgeous looking Chartreux and we always knew she was extremely intelligent from the start.


I love receiving What’s Apps from Eli!…they do make be laugh…from TV watching, to playing fetch, helping mum with work, Christmas Tree climbing and bubble wrap capes…never a dull moment!

Squawking at Pigeons….I think all Chartreux do this, make a chattering noise at the window at birds!

And she is so lovely….xx

Thank you for sharing your beautiful world….Here’s to the next six months Eli, and maybe a brother/sister for Nala?!!??

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