MasterPlan make the GCCF February Monthly Newsletter

MasterPlan’s first litter photo has been choosen for GCCF February’s Monthly Newsletter

From left to right:

  • MasterPlan Nixie Fairy Dust
  • MasterPlan Nova Star Burst
  • MasterPlan Nala Blue Belle
  • MasterPlan Nila Calmer Skies
  • MasterPlan Napoleon Solo





Chartreux are exceptional hunters and are highly prized by farmers for catching mice! In our house we don’t have mice but he do have spiders and flies, and they don’t stand a chance!

A huge thank you to Mike for sending through this fabulous video of OrpheusΒ (one of last year’s kittens) who is now 5 months old and is growing into a such a handsom boy ❀

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