Special Catch Up 😍

Today we had the pleasure of being invited to lunch at Nixie & Napoleon’s home and meet their beautiful sister Mimi too….

…Wow how they have grown!
Nixie was as pretty and playful as we remember, and Napoleon has grown into such a handsome big boy. It was truley lovely to see them again and huge thank you Anna, Robert & L for such a lovely day x

Day 100 – Last kitten post 😓

Today Nila was last to be collect by her forever family. I know they will love her as much as we have….

…Day 100 will be the last Maddison kitten post, the last fur baby has flown the nest 😕 I will still post photos/videos and information…..I want to thank all new owners for believing in us and let everyone know that we have enjoyed every moment. We appreciate all our supporters who have followed us on our journey…..till next time! xx



Day 97 – Settling in Nicely

First and foremost please just let me say we have been absolutely blessed with the kittens new owners. Breeding cats for us is not just about producing new kittens,  it’s inevitably making sure they go to the right homes and most importantly, the right people and we definitely couldn’t have even dreamt or ask for nicer families. I receive regular daily updates with reassuring photos/videos and kind words and occasionally I can give advice to them too! Ok sloppy part over and cute happy kittens videos to follow…

Naps & Nixie….you will need sound and don’ miss the synchronised yawning…happy fur babies x

Nala…washing mum!…happy fur baby number two



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