🎈Happy 1st Birthday🎈

Maddison’s 2019 kittens are one year old today!

Look how beautiful & hansom they have grown…

MasterPlan Portia-Belle
MasterPlan Pearl Effervescent
MasterPlan Paddington Paws
MasterPaln Pierre Beau Rocher

Best Buddies 🐕😻

Chartreux are calm, observant, intelligent, non-aggressive, affectionate and good with children and other animals, cats or dogs!

Thank you to the Humphries family for sending through this beautiful photo of Phoebe (dog) and Paddington (from Maddison’s litter last year)

In their words… “He is big, but so beautiful. He is always admired by visitors and Phoebe adores him. They play together so well and she’s so tolerant (even when he’s pouncing on her head from the sofa ?). A perfect match for us all. Thank you xx”

Second New Homes – Settling In

Maddison’s last 2 kittens Pierre & Pearl left for their forever homes last Friday.

Thank you to their new owners for letting me know they have settled in perfectly



New Homes…Settling In?

Paddington and Portia Belle left for their forever homes at the weekend. I’m happy to see them settling in their new homes so well…


Portia Belle (& Norman)

WEEK 13 Day 89 – Maddison’s 3rd litter … all grown-up ?

Maddison had her third litter on 24th July 2019 – 2 girls and 2 boys

Next weekend 2 kittens will go to their forever homes….

  1. Portia-Belle – female
  2. Pearle Effervescent – female
  3. Paddington Paws – male
  4. Pierre Beau Rocher – male

WEEK 12 Day 84 – You can buy the most expensive toys…

….but all they want is the cardboard box and a kitchen roll tube!!…….and they are more than happy ☺️

Lesson to all new owners!

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